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No problem. Since you had it put in lapro I would focus on dr. Ramshaw of dr. Belyanski or Towfigh for possible removal. Ramshaw I heard has a long waiting time so I would as I mentioned send your scans to dr. Belyanski. He is doing more and more removals. I have spoken to three people recently who are scheduled to have there mesh removed by him in the winter.
the mesh caused so many issues for me (attached to the bladder, spermatic cord, colon and illiac artery and vein-in addition to being folded up inside. Two things that are gone is that I now urinate normally. I also don’t feel that heaviness in my abdomen and I don’t feel sick like I did anymore. For me I was amazed at how little pain there was in the actual mesh site post removal. I went back to work after 7 weeks.
sitting for me before surgery was the hardest for me and still can be challenging in certain situations. Driving mostly OK couches and deep soft chairs can be bothersome. If I sit to long I can get some burning in the upper lateral thigh. Waking is fine and lying down is fine. Eating and digesting was very tough for me after surgery and although much better is still an issue for me. I eat smaller lighter meals and don’t have as strong of an appetite.
I am grateful to be back at work and getting through the workdays with no issues and back to being out of bed and back with my family doing normal routines.
ive heard from others that healing can take at least 6 months to a year or longer so I hope there will be a day where whatever still ailes me is gone or minimally bothersome.
lastly I have heard mixed things regarding Chen. I would consider ruling him out for removal. I also heard he has a tendency to do nuerectemies as part of the mesh removal whether or not the nerves are cought in the mesh. I know Belyanski does everything possible to preserve these nerves as well as Ramshaw

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