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Are you athletic or an athlete? Age? Can you describe your pain? Was there a particular onset or event?

Dr William Meyers at Vincera Institute in Philadelphia, PA is well known and runs an entire clinic devoted to groin, pelvis, hip, abdominal, core, orthopedic, et al pathology, and are very skilled at diagnostics as well. They do a lot of work with pro-athletes and are well regarded, at the least it may be worth a consultation given the near proximity to you.

Osteitis pubis is certainly a diagnosis and it’s not to be ignored or discounted. An extended course of anti-inflammatory may help but like everything else you should speak with a doctor knowledgable about the particular problem.

As for groin and pelvic hernias, a relatively common and cheap test that can be diagnostic is a dynamic ultrasound with valsava on the impacted region. An MRI of pelvis and CT might also show other pathology, or a hernia, but hernia is commonly overlooked and can be notoriously difficult to spot especially when radiology interpretation is outsourced to some off-site location without sufficient patient profile, which is perhaps why some doctors read the scans directly themselves even if it is difficult.

Best of luck, keep us updated on your case and progress.

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