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  • jlhunter

    November 29, 2017 at 6:37 pm

    [USER=”2042″]Jnomesh[/USER], yes osteitis pubis is just a fancy name for inflammation of the pubic symphysis that can be caused by several things so the fact that I have inflammation doesnt help in figuring out what is causing it.

    [USER=”1916″]Chaunce1234[/USER] yes I am athletic, 30 years old, there was no traumatic event that caused my symptoms….the only life changing event was that I had a career change going from being a teacher and standing all day to a desk job where i sit most of the day. But my activity/exercise has always been pretty heavy and consistent. Thank you for the extra information, and I will certainly look up Dr. William Meyers in Philly……I did go back to my PCP today who wants me to get an abdominal/pelvic CT but I dont trust this doctor as he took 2 months just to get back to me on bloodwork. Im hoping your suggestion of an MRI/CT above means you agree that might be a good next step.

    I really jsut do not know where to start because I have both groin and pelvic pain and I dont know if they are related or two separate conditions. Hence why I went to a PCP trying to think big picture but not sure I can trust a doctors office that is neglectful in their care!