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quote jlhunter:

[USER=”2042″]Jnomesh[/USER], yes osteitis pubis is just a fancy name for inflammation of the pubic symphysis that can be caused by several things so the fact that I have inflammation doesnt help in figuring out what is causing it.

[USER=”1916″]Chaunce1234[/USER] yes I am athletic, 30 years old, there was no traumatic event that caused my symptoms….the only life changing event was that I had a career change going from being a teacher and standing all day to a desk job where i sit most of the day. But my activity/exercise has always been pretty heavy and consistent. Thank you for the extra information, and I will certainly look up Dr. William Meyers in Philly……I did go back to my PCP today who wants me to get an abdominal/pelvic CT but I dont trust this doctor as he took 2 months just to get back to me on bloodwork. Im hoping your suggestion of an MRI/CT above means you agree that might be a good next step.

I really jsut do not know where to start because I have both groin and pelvic pain and I dont know if they are related or two separate conditions. Hence why I went to a PCP trying to think big picture but not sure I can trust a doctors office that is neglectful in their care!

Can you describe your pain? Is it confined to a specific area, or is it diffused along a particular nerve pathway? Does taking ibuprofen or anything help? Does ice or heat help or make it worse? Do you have tenderness to touch or pressure?

I can very much relate to your approach of going to a PCP and imagining having them be the center of the treatment plan. But with that said, and having myself been through this as a fellow patient, a PCP tends to be a generalist and they often have little to no experience with groin and pelvic pain, nor the myriad potential causes. Groin/pelvic/hip pain is often a symptom driven specialty in and of itself, which sometimes encompasses multiple different specialities, which is why patients dealing with this type of pain often get bounced around between PCP, urology or ob/gyn, surgeons, orthopedics, gastroenterologists, pain management, radiologists, neurologists, you name it and a good number of patients on this forum have probably seen them trying to get answers. Sometimes the answer is shockingly simple or obvious. Sometimes the answer is complex, sometimes it’s multiple things. And sometimes there is no answer. The workup can become ridiculous, tiresome, expensive, and confusing.

Ultimately you need to be your own advocate. As [USER=”1176″]Momof4[/USER] story says above, sometimes things are overlooked. This is why the specialist can be so valuable for the ambiguous cases. My personal opinion is if you have unclear groin/pelvic/hip pain and are near an expert or have the capability of traveling to consult with one, then do it. Dr William Meyers is near you, and there are multiple other experts on the east coast as well.

Anyway, good luck and keep us updated on your progress and decision making.

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