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  • Chaunce1234

    December 4, 2017 at 4:08 am

    I am not a doctor but my 2 cents is that if you can manage or resolve a problem without another surgery, then you might want to try that first. A pain shot might help and it could also be diagnostic and informative, if a numbing shot in one particular nerve pathway completely resolves the pain, then that may help a doctor to help narrow down the cause. But discuss this all with a knowledgable doctor, maybe even get a second opinion, let them help you come up with a plan. Some doctors also may prescribe a 30-45 day course of powerful NSAID (meloxicam, naproxen, etc) assuming it is compatible with you.

    Does anything in particular help the pain go away, or make it notably worse? Does heat or ice help or hurt? Does applied pressure make it better or worse? Is the pain generalized, or focused in a specific area? If you are able to take NSAIDs, does ibuprofen or aleve help, or make no difference at all?

    This following list may or not be helpful to you, it’s various doctors in the eastern half of the USA which have a specific interest in hernias and/or groin pain.

    – Dr Brian Jacobs in New York, NY

    – Dr William Meyers in Philadelphia, PA

    – Dr Alexander Poor in Philadelphia, PA

    – Dr Jarrod P Kaufman MD in Brick, NJ

    – Dr Igor Belyansky in Annapolis, MD

    – Dr David Grischkan in Cleveland, Ohio

    – Dr Paul Szotek in Indianapolis, IN

    – Dr Bruce Ramshaw in Knoxville, TN

    – Dr Jonathan Yunis in Sarasota, FL

    Obviously there are going to be many other great docs out there too, so by no means is this thorough or inclusive. If you are inquiring yourself with doctors, you might want to ask if they have experience with the particular issue you are dealing with, and if they have been able to treat it successfully, and how. As others here have echoed, re-do surgeries are complex and if you ever go that route then you would definitely want someone with notable experience in that regard, particular with laparoscopic experience since your initial surgery was laparosopic. Dr Towfigh and the other helpful physicians on this forum undoubtedly have some recommendations as well.

    Good luck, stay positive, and keep us updated on your progress.