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quote kevin-pa:

Thank you Jnomesh. I hope Dr. Jacobs was able to help you.

I think he takes out-of-network insurance, but that can get pretty pricey also. Also, if I buy private insurance through blue cross/blue shield, all of the plans do not include out of network.

Dr. Jacobs also takes cash according to their website. I am lucky in the fact that I have some money saved up, and I would honestly pay whatever it takes to have this done correctly. But does anybody know roughly what we are talking about with a “cash” surgery? $15,000? $30,000? More?

thanks again.

Take this with a huge grain of salt because this could be outdated or otherwise inaccurate information, but based on what I’ve read elsewhere

– Shouldice Clinic in Toronto Canada is about $7,000 USD, including procedure, all meals and three days in their hospital

– A sports hernia repaired in Philadelphia is about $14,000

– A Desarda repair in Florida is about $5,000

– A sports hernia repaired in Munich Germany is about $7,000 (or 5000 euros)

– A standard laparoscopic repair at a standard US hospital is about $30,000

The best way thing to do is call a clinic and ask for the total quote, for the entire procedure and standard followup, for cash payment of the particular surgery you are seeking.

Generally speaking, an open repair will be cheaper than a laparoscopic repair. Add in the robotic lap repairs, or any complex surgeries, re-dos, etc, and price surely goes higher as well. You will see some very high quotes and billing details out there if you look for them.

Bottom line; it’s expensive.

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