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I did describe my pelvic pain above as usually localized about 2/3rds of the way from my hip joint in towards my pelvis (right on the line where the lower abdomen meets the pelvis). The pain seems to come from that spot but radiates throughout my entire pelvis. Occasionally I then also have pretty severe pain at my hip joint and also in my pubic symphosis.

When I couldn’t walk to work one day, I went to the doctor who gave me strong anti-inflammatories which seemed to help, but I’ve sort of given up on taking ibuprofen/ice/heat unless the pain is really bad, but I don’t seem to get much relief unless I have something stronger. I do not usually have any tenderness to touch or pressure either in the pelvis or hip area.

As far as experts you are exactly right that I almost need a team of doctors that can cover the entire hip/pelvic/groin area but that is almost impossible to get except for Dr. William Meyers institute. I was really excited to find him until I found out he does not take insurance so seeing him would probably cost me between $15-20,000 assuming I am a candidate for surgery. I just do not have that kind of money and need to go to a doctor that accepts insurance.

[USER=”1916″]Chaunce1234[/USER], when you say “this is why the specialist can be so valuable for ambiguous cases” what kind of specialist are you referring to?? Can you recommend any other experts on the east coast as I am willing to travel!

[USER=”935″]drtowfigh[/USER], can you advise on which kind of specialist I should focus on for pain in both the pelvis and hip which may or may not be related? I explained above that right now the PCP im seeing wants me to have a CT done of my abdomen/pelivs, but I do not trust him so not sure I should have this done or go to see someone else before doing anymore tests. I do not want to get the CT and then end up going to another doctor who wants to do his own scans.

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