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Well,bad news I believe. A month ago I started a job at a no kill cat shelter and on my first day at the end me and a co worker lifted a big garbage can up into a dumpster.The kind with wheels on it.Heavy but not too bad. I ended up not going back due to other issues.

The next day I was sore all over which was to be expected.And when the general soreness went away I could tell I over strained my hernia. It felt like most overstrains: testicles a little sore, ab aches,lower abs tight. And it goes away usually in a month or two.

One month later I notice now on my left inguinal area last night it shot straight back through the incision area and a bad sharp pain in the back. And when I lay down it doesn’t hurt but it feels like light pressure on both incision sites/hip area/bone…like a hand applying light pressure. No lumps,bumps,or hurts if I push even hard all over. Testicle pain is a dull ache here and there and I can feel scratching from mesh here and there…no pain. Does hurt back and left incision area to bend though.

My umbilical hernia is fine.

Really hoping it’s just strained bad and goes away.
I am not working,no money,no health insurance.i could get state insurance:ACCCHS.

But feel hopeless as I do not know where to turn if it is another hernia.

Please advise….thanks.

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