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  • Lucky46

    December 20, 2017 at 10:30 pm

    Symptom update: When I sleep and lay on the left or right side the pressure is worse and radiates to the front of the hernia incisions. But no pain really just pressure especially on the right side.And before I’d wake up and be able to tell if I have to urinate…now I can barely tell.

    The back pain comes and goes.Gas can be really hard to pass but I do pass and have bowel movements.Testicles still get a sharp pain through them here and there but mainly having to pass gas can make them hurt. Incision areas are pain free.Pain I had on front of left thigh/leg is gone

    But on the back of my left leg from the bottom of the buttock down to a little past the knee has a slight burn and only does so in bed when tossing and turning.Urination is normal.

    Iam going to wait and see as I can’t go back to my job as a automotive mechanic as I do alot of heavy lifting changing out tires.In the meantime I need to find employment that is less stressful.Getting insurance means being unemployed to qualify…no thanks,I do not want to take that route unless it is very necessary (symptoms get very bad and such.)