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Symptoms somewhat back stretched a little and did some Psoas stretches.Felt good,too good as the lower back release was so good I fell asleep lol. Just scraping up change(yes,iam that broke) to get to the ER and see what is wrong.

If it is OP fine..better than inguinal hernia recurrence and I can plan my return to school fall ’18 and try to move on with life.If hernias again….no choice for the same plan to move on.I will not have them fixed as when I work I do not qualify for any insurance let alone able to afford it.

Will post back when and if I find out at the hospital what the hell is wrong with me.

You know,as many on here have found out…I can live with the pain.I have had chronic back pain for 19 years now along with depression.But the psychological effect this hernia has had on me is the worst….

Thanks for reading.

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