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Thank you for the responses! I am sorry I didn’t see them until now- I never received a notification of posts on the subscription!

Drtowfigh- thank you for the very thoughtful and detailed response! I went in today for exploratory and the surgeon found that 2 of the tacks had unravelled and were most likely the source of my pain. They were literally stabbing me with every movement!

I was very desperate and was willing to have the mesh removed and potentially nerves severed, if they hadnt found those tacks. I have been severely depressed due to the pain and pretty hopeless given my lack of options and I had already used up my 2nd opinions so insurance wasnt going to allow me to see someone new.

I have had no real fevers. (Just hangs out at high 99 or low 100) so I was told repeatedly that there was likely no infection in the mesh. We will see if today’s procedure was successful. I’m praying the tacks were the pain source and that I dont have to dabble in mesh removal.

Thanks for the insight about the appendectomy and mesh repair at the same time. I was told by 3 surgeons that it is not recommended (after the fact), but was having a difficult time finding any studies or information that would lead to indication of wrongdoing in that example.

It has definitely been quite a year. Thank you all for your responses- I am hoping that this does the trick and I can resume my life once I heal from surgery!

Chaunce1234- thank you so much for the response as well. Dr Chen’s stance was that my obesity was what caused the issue. But I never had hernia symptoms in the first place. They found a small hernia (under 2mm) and justified the appendectomy while they were fixing the hernia. But I am pretty sure (and so is my current and my stump appendectomy surgeon) that the appendix was the culprit to begin with- and pathology confirmed both chronic and acute appendicitis after the 1st surgery. So the hernia mesh was just overkill in this instance.

My pain was like a stabbing tearing pain every time I sat or stood up. Standing was particularly agonizing. But so far, only a few hours post o.o- I don’t feel that pain any longer!

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