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Hi Jnomesh,

Thanks for your feedback. I’ve only just found this forum and it’s good to hear from other hernia/mesh sufferers, although not because we’re suffering of course.

Yes, I am also alarmed at how much knowledge and experience has been lost since surgeons embraced mesh, as finding an experienced and reputable native tissue surgeon is difficult. Thank you also for Dr Garvey’s name, he is the only surgeon who has been recommended to me by a woman whose husband had a terrible response to mesh when used for his hernia repair. I have been in touch with Dr Garvey’s Secretary and expect to see him in 2018 once my body has healed from surgery last month to remove another medical device.

I just get seriously annoyed when members of the medical fraternity misrepresent the truth or are ill informed themselves, or just lie and another person is mesh injured.

Wishing you a wonderful New Year J.


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