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Hi all, quick update if anybody is interested. The Christmas period continued to be relatively pain free, at least in terms of anything acute. Chronic symptoms continued to recede somewhat, to the point were I gingerly returned to the gym with some very light jogging, simple core exercises and low-weight upper body dumbbell and body-weight training. At the end of each session I could ‘feel’ my groin, but in that manageable way that you often take on the chin when returning from injury when you’re trying to build things back up.

The ‘gurgling’ and ‘whooshing’ sensations also pretty much disappeared much to my relief as it gave me hope that whatever I’d done to myself was fixing itself on its own.

Then, two days ago, a nasty setback. After a 5 mile dog walk I developed an acute throbbing/burning pain deep inside my body (I believe it’s in the exact site of my original inguinal hernia repair) which again caused much consternation. This pain endured until this morning when – after a decent night’s sleep – it has mysteriously rectified itself much more quickly than I was expecting.

I still have residual itch/ache from inguinal area and my inguinal canal – right side – remains as tender as ever (though to be honest it’s been this way since I was 18 post-original op!) but I think I’m once again through the worst.

Overall though, I’m still puzzled by the pathology of this. I had dared to hope that I was definitely getting better without the need for surgery, and would now say that this current episode is by far the worse setback I’ve had since the original op (sports hernia viewed as a separate issue). Yet the disappearance of the systems that troubled me the most (the gurgling, whooshing, pulsing!) continue to give me hope while I go through the lengthy process that should finally result in examination by a specialist plus scan.

Thanks for reading and if anybody has any fresh thoughts it’d be good to hear them!

Happy New Year to all,


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