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As I haven’t seen a consultant yet I don’t know much about the hernia, I first went to my Drs in May regarding this, was given an appointment with a practice nurse, told her my symptoms.. pain in legs and abdomen, this lump which protrudes in my pubic area but disappears when I lie down and diarrhea. I asked if it was a hernia then but was dismissed and told it was not possible, was given a script for fusidic acid and told it was an ingrown hair, to go away and try that. Then follows 2 months of me back and forth to see this nurse a few more times, would not put me in with a dr as they operate on a triage system. Finally a female GP sent me for an ultrasound, saying it must be gynecological. A female of my age could not possibly have a hernia in that area. Scan showed fibroids and no hernia. Then saw a male GP who told me to stand and cough a few times and said.. you have an inguinal hernia, need to see a surgeon, and will be a long wait. So I suppose they will decide if it’s direct or not. I spoke to the GP in September to ask for appointment to be expedited as diarrhea is getting worse. I have my appointment the end of this month. The pain I feel is like a twisting in the lower abdomen, a trip to the bathroom follows quickly after this. It must be related as I have not changed my diet or started any supplements regime. Maybe I’m wrong and there is something else going on but either way to have chronic diarrhea for this long is not right and it’s certainly not good for you

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