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  • Roger2346

    January 6, 2018 at 12:29 am
    quote drtowfigh:

    Good Intentions:

    That was a fascinating response. Rings very true. It is an uphill battle for us surgeons to treat our patients and have the insurance companies agree there is a problem that needs treatment.

    Dr Towfigh – firstly thank you for helping so many recover from awful complications and also for setting up this comminity where people can share stories and gain access to useful information. I’m sure you have helped many without evening knowing.

    i am lucky in that i have not had a hernia and had to make the choice between mesh and non mesh repair. I have however undertaken an embolisation for a varicocele for fertility reasons. I was pushed down this route by my urologists and told that no one performs microsurgery any more. I was also convinced that that inserting objects had no effect on the body, is done all the time etc etc

    whilst my complications i would say are light as what i could imagine mesh repair complications would be with fascia and tissue encouraged to grow through the mesh, they are still present. I’ve gone from being a perfectly healthy young male to a chronic pain patient and have now developed anxiety as a result. The whole experience is one i would not wish on anyone.

    the surgical community should be made aware of the potential complications of inserting foreign objects into people. There is often an immune response that cannot be anticipated and it can literally ruin people’s quality of life.

    Despite what i imagine to be a complex surgery i am now looking into having my coils removed as cannot stand the thought of living out my many remaining years in my current state. I’ve read of people undertaking similar surgery though understand it is an incredibly rare thing to do.

    thank you again for setting up the community. Communication with others really helps to make sense of a nonsensicle situation