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Update: CT scan report basically says I look fine (no internal/external hernias) and the only notes in the report is that I have some symptoms/indications of Crohn’s disease. I have not actually heard from the doctor who ordered the scans for me to see what he thinks, but I have ordered copies of the CT scan to take elsewhere as I still do not have an answer.

In regards to teh Crohn’s, since I have not yet been diagnosed with a hernia, is it possible that this could explain my pain? I do not have any of the symptoms of Crohn’s disease according to research I have done and it does seem like it would explain the pain I have been having.

My question is, who do I go to next to figure out what is wrong with me? Should I rule out a hernia since one scan has said I do not have one? When I mentioned to my PCP and the technician about doing vasalva during the CT scan they looked at me like “what does that have to do with this?”. I did try to do the “bearing down” technique on my own during the scan when the machine told me to hold my breath but not sure I was doing it correctly.

Edit: I have an appointment with both an orthopedic specialist and a general surgeon (Dr. Zuckerbraun) in Pittsburgh who have done a lot of work together to help patients with hip and/or core muscle injuries which is what I’m now being told it sounds like I have. I see the ortho this friday the 12th and see Dr. Zuckerbraun on 25th. Will udpate after!

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