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  • Jnomesh

    January 9, 2018 at 8:07 pm

    First of all having mesh removal is a bogndeciokns with a lot of unknowns for you will feel afterwards it depends on a lot of moving parts. That being said I do believe if you have it done with one of the free experienced surgeons it can be removed safely.
    sounds like you are having some nerve issues and those can die down with time or can be sometimes dealt with successfully with nerve blocks/pulses radio frequency ablation
    if your pain is a around a 3 I’d probably say hold off in thinking about removal unless you just want it absolutely out and are worried maybe things can get worse.
    once it is removed you’ll also have to deal with will there be a hernia is there and then how to repair it-which will probable have to be repaired open method if you want a tissue repair so it will be a double surgery wrapped into one.
    if you’ve had the mesh in for a Couple of years there is a good chance the hernia defect maybe closed due to scar tissue.
    in my opinion I had to get mine removed Bc I had debilitating symptoms that got slightly better but still were pretty bad and when I found out the mesh was folded I knew I had to get it out.
    so how am I doing ? Mixed. I fall under what appears to be a very common response-I’m glad it is out but I’m not doing great. I know and can feel it is out-and I feel healthy again but I still have some issues-especially with digestion and sitting which can cause a pressure feeling and inflammation in the stomach and groin. As I am a little under 5 months out I’m hoping this gets better with time but I’m also worried maybe my hernias have recurred. Again my mesh was folded and I felt it grab and twist my muscles and really globally messed with my body.
    i will tell you I felt very little to know pain in the actual groin post surgery which I was very surprised and happy about. I did have a lot of stomach swelling and had a harder time dealing g with that. I can walk around and move fine but for whatever reason sitting is still very uncomfortable.
    lastly when you have large mesh inserted lapro it covers a large area in there. Mine had to be peeled off my bladddr and other structures. Hope this helps