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Hey there Wilfred! Sorry to hear what you are going through. You are pretty early out still but I can tell you that I had the same experience as you right after I had hernia repair with mesh. I had numbness from the crease of my thigh to about 6 inches away from the knee. I told the surgeon and he said it will go away in 8 weeks and its normal not to worry about it. 3Dmaxxx was used and 2 huge tacks to fixate it. Funny thing is you aren’t even supposed to fixate it at all, how Bard puts it anyway the company that makes it. It has a tendancy to fold over due to its shape that is supposed to fit the inguinal canal but no 2 human bodys are the same nor 2 inguinal canals. I knew I had nerve damage off the bat and pain from the mesh but was told to just give it time. I wish I knew then what I know now because I would have never got it done for 2 fat containing hernias that were found on a Ct scan not causing any symptoms ever! I talked to a surgeon that said I have a hernia now but I am going to wait till it gives me real problems because hernia repair is risky and up to 40% of people that get the surgery get chronic pain from it, especially when mesh is used is such a high rate. Dr. Jacobs in New York is one of the best hernia specialists in the country and he has had a hernia for like 10 years but opts not to get surgery and that tells you something. I had a bilateral repair for hernias that were nothing and I could have waited years to get surgery but I was told that hernia surgery is nothing and just to get it done and over. I was 25 years old,5’11, 160 pounds in 2015 when I got it done and to use a heavyweight mesh in a slim person is insane! Mesh is like toxic to your body and it even says that it is not intended for implantation of the human body. For me I had numbness right afterwards that subsided a lil bit but never went away and pain that just got worst and worst over time. I got it explanted after it being in for 19 months and had to have 1 nerve cut on each side. This simple surgery as so many surgeons put it and the mesh, the gold standard as they say, changed my life around and put me and my family, fiancé, friends through so much. If you are having problems already they might go away and they might not, mine never did. The sooner you would get it removed the better chances you have. A tack could have went through a nerve, my explant surgeon said no one should ever use any tacks because they always cause pain. You can try nerve blocks to see what nerves are irritated. My mesh created a lot of scar tissue which can also contribute to pain and the scar tissue the mesh produces is what is the barrier not the mesh itself its the scar tissue it induces. Mesh causes inflammation, it shrinks, it moves, it can fold like mine did. Just keep your head up and try your best. Your pretty early out still so see if things start to improve a lil bit then go from there. Best of luck to you!

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