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Mesh removal is like a 50/50 thing. Surgeons say this might help a lot, it might help a little, you might feel the same or you can be worse off but they say usually no one is worse just the same. Some surgeons choose to cut nerves because it will bring numbness over pain and people opt for the numbness over pain especially if nerves are involved already then the damage has already been done to them. Surgeons also say that if the mesh is removed the scar tissue that grows back can entrap nerves and cause pain. They cant really know whats going on until they get in and see though. Once mesh is put in the anatomy is altered. Each time you go back in the same area especially a fragile area like the groin it alters it each time, it is a very complex area. For me I could not go on anymore with it in, the pain would keep me up some nights so I had to get it out because things would of just got worst and worst and the whole situation gets very tiring. I felt like I was getting sick a lot,sinus stuff, also like UTI symptoms, burning pains and numbness. I had it removed after 19 months and had 1 nerve removed on each side. The tacks would have eroded like, they were going into my pubic bone. The surgeon explained that they never use tacks for reasons like chronic pain and he said they always cause problems and that each time your moving the tacks are tugging and say when you have sex and your bumping that area its like driving them in more and more. I felt a lot of symptoms go away like the sick feeling, the UTI feeling, and the pain decreased, and its good to know its out mentally but its not like your back to 100% like you were before mesh, once its in the area will never be the same. Surgeons will even want to put more in after taking it out even the ones people name on this forum. A surgeon told me that say if you repair the hernia after the mesh is removed from the inside and suture it that it never really holds for long anyways but never opt for another mesh replacement. Take care of it down the road or find someone to due a tissue repair open. Each time they go in that area it gets weaker and weaker. Just give it a little more time and keep yourself educated by looking stuff up yourself about removal and nerve stuff. This is tough for everyone that goes through it and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. Keep your head up and try your best! Best wishes to you!

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