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Consider yourself very lucky to have a non mesh repair and done by a surgeon who specializes in doing many of these repairs. Many people do well with mesh repairs but many don’t and have chronic pain. Mesh can fold, migrate, crumble attaché to the ground nerves and other organs and 99% of the surgeons out there don’t know how to or won’t remove the mesh. Mesh is a piece of plastic that is the same material used to make tic tax boxes it is unatural. There are many people on this forum and out there who have nightmarish experience with mesh-pain you can’t imagine.
I would thank your surgeon. I had to have met mesh removed-the pain was unimaginable and very doctor and test told me nothing was wrong until I finally found someone who was able to tell me it had folded into a rock hard ball and attached to all sorts of organs and nerves.
Pkease take your time to heal and you will do fine. Don’t act like Superman and give it time at least 6 months. But talk more to your surgeon for answers on activity.
there are many people out there including me that wish I didn’t have put mesh inside of me.
it is almost impossible to find surgeons in the US who do pure tissue repairs-maybe you could be kind enough to share the surgeons name and city as other people can have a choice for a natural repair instead of mesh.

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