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It sounds like you’ve made great progress for a week out of surgery and had an excellent surgeon, so I would be happy and not worry, particularly given that you’ve had a stellar outcome thus far.

Data shows the non-mesh repair to be excellent when performed by an expert on the appropriate patient profile (fit, not obese). Several of the most well-known groin injury and hernia surgeons in the professional sports world routinely perform the non-mesh procedure on professional athletes and other fit patients, presumably for a reason. Also, the Shouldice hospital performs almost exclusively non-mesh repairs and has a 1% recurrence rate and remarkably low chronic pain incidence. So expertise matters, particularly given the complex nature of the surgery in a very complex region of the body.

Can you share some additional details about your case? What were your symptoms like prior to surgery? Did you have pain, a bulge, anything remarkable? If you were symptomatic beforehand, are the symptoms changed or resolved now post-surgery?

Please do share the name of your surgeon and their location. It is increasingly difficult to find non-mesh hernia experts, thus sharing this information can be valuable to other patients seeking similar surgical options.

Best of luck and keep us up to date on your case and progress.

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