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SEEKING AN EXPERIENCE MESH REMOVAL SURGEON. Reply to your response. I’m aware of how mesh embeds itself. Point of clarification. My problem is minimal or moderate as to pain so long as I’m on antibiotics. Otherwise it escalates and I suffer red eyes, foggy brain, loss of libido, feel sick all over. I have found it to be a wild goose chase as to finding surgeons. At first I would call the front desk and most of the time it was negative, but some assured me the doctor was able and knowledgeable and experienced, but none were and only 1 had removed a hernia mesh and had a bad result. Then I started asking for, or selecting, (on phone calls) to talk with the doctor’s medical assistant or surgical nurse. Again, most were negative (the doctor had no experience) and a few assured me the doctor was experienced. The last two of these did not work out well at all. About 10 days ago, upon my second visit, the surgeon came out and said he had never actually removed a hernia mesh and suggested I “find” someone that actually had experience. I’ll leave it at that. It seems to me that in my past research I’ve checked out Billing, MD. But, I’d have to go back and look in my notes. I will check him out again. I do not beat around the bush with any of these people. For me, its not about groin pain. Its about infected mesh and if the doctor has ever removed it. I have little interest in discussing with a surgeon what other doctors know or do not know as that would tip them off. I prefer to ask direct questions and listen to whatever they have to say on their own as so I can figure out if they actually know anything about mesh and in my experience very few do and most of them have mistaken or incorrect knowledge. They have biologic mesh, but really I believe that most repairs can be done without any mesh. There are a dozen different non-mesh methods of repair and such non-mesh methods are combined by some surgeons. Thanks for the tip about starting a new thread. I’m new to this and it seems like a good idea to start one.

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