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  • jerseattlewa

    January 26, 2018 at 9:02 pm

    Seeking an experienced hernia mesh removal surgeon. To answer your question, the surgery was open and I do have a copy of all of the related medical records. If a doctor wants to spend 5 minutes to read my post they are welcome to do so. But, my post is also for those who are suffering and offers them some possible education as to elements and issues they will likely deal with. I’m looking for a needle in a hay stack as to a well qualified surgeon that really and truly knows all the ins and outs as to hernia mesh removal. Your point as to length of the post may or may not be of value as to making it shorter and so I may create a separate post, a kind of help wanted ad, more cryptic, a 1 minute read, but then there will be more questions for a doctor to ask. You mention a medical facility that you think may have doctors that remove mesh. Good luck with that fishing expedition. I don’t think you’ve been through the search process. If so, provide the name of the surgeon you found that actually and successfully removed your hernia mesh. In my experience, it’s near impossible to verify ahead of time, or even after the the first visit, that any health practitioner is really qualified, highly knowledgeable and experienced for what I seek – hernia mesh removal. I think your intentions may be good, but its the actual experience where you learn. After going through with hundreds of searches, emails, phone calls and maybe 15 to 20 medical appointments in the past year plus this has taught me that it’s near a mission impossible to find practitioners that I need. So far, when I get into the appointments, face to face, most do not seem in my opinion do not have much of any clue with a few limited exceptions. Its a sad state of affairs when you go to a medical appointment and end up providing education to someone you were hoping to get answers from and where it ends up going nowhere as seems to be my most common experience to date.