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I would second Good Intentions idea of contacting an expert with experience in various causes of groin and pelvic pain. Vincera and Dr Meyers office is a great choice, and they may review your imaging studies. They are considered experts at sorting out various pelvic, abdominal, and groin issues, and have a team to address a wide range of issues.

There are several doctors on these forums that also review images sent in to them for hernias, including Dr Procter, Dr Szotek, and Dr Towfigh. Whether or not there are fees involved I am not sure.

For ruling in/out a hernia, it may be helpful to have an ultrasound with valsava on the painful region.The valsava straining is often needed to show smaller hernias, and if you are going that route it’s important to have an ultrasound tech or radiologist that has done it before specifically to search for hernias.

Best of luck and keep us updated on your progress.

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