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  • drtowfigh

    July 23, 2015 at 7:30 am

    Hidden Internal Hernia? At My Wits End!

    Have you had any progress or treatment since your last post? I worried about the symptoms you are describing.

    A couple of things:
    – Sounds like you never had an internal hernia in the past, just an abdominal wall hernia, which was repaired with mesh. Is that correct? Or did you have both?
    – the ultrasound shows bulging of the mesh but the mesh looks intact, ie, nothing is coming through the mesh. You can feel a bulge from this, but it may or may not be a true hernia. A hernia is a hole through which things (fat, intestine) can go through.
    – why are you coughing violently? This is putting your hernia repair at risk of failure, pulling apart.
    – why are you vomiting? Is it due to an obstruction? Did the CT scan show anything abnormal? A swirling sign is not normal. It is suggestive of an internal hernia through a hole in between intestinal layers or mesentery this can occur with any prior operation as well as with gastric bypass.
    – just because there is no bowel within your hernia does not mean it cannot be diagnosed on CT. The fascism defect can still be seen if that is the case. However, my greater concern is a possible internal hernia, which is very dangerous if not addressed properly, especially if it is causing your vomiting.

    If you wish, send me your films to review by mail and sign up for an online consultation with me so we can figure this out. I am concerned about this situation you are presenting.