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  • aminuts

    September 2, 2015 at 3:09 pm

    Survey! Re: Consultations with your Surgeon

    I think this would be an excellent source of information. In disgusting with the surgeon it would allow to go over and rebuttal any questions or concerns. We all know what we want to ask but when your in the moment lots of things are forgotten or you really don’t hear. First, I think the anatomy would
    Be great. During the investigation of my symptoms there were very few anatomy pictures for females. I think it will help a lot to show locations with descriptions for the layman. Second, I think it should incorporate sections that help with self diagnosing so that your headed to the right physician and lesson unnecessary surgeries and to minimize being placed on pain management because “nothing’s wrong.” Third, what to expect if surgery is planned and the different options. Fourth,
    A section on post op care would be a great option as well. I think steps in recovery for the single hernia to the multiple hernias(as in my case) should be outlined describing what to expect, projected time frame, and expectations that should occur. For example, in reading other post (assuming there’s were a single hernia, not my case) they were up and going in 48 hrs pain free. Myself I feel improvement every day post two weeks but clearly having some of the same discomfort. So my dellima is, did I do Something to soon, did I do something wrong to cause injury, or did it not take? I know everyone heals differently but a guideline of post op care could provide a sense of “a light at the end of the tunnel.”Also, I feel a section that outlines post surgery exercises would be very beneficial. Imagine a picture or video workout for core strengthening. This may insure patient compliance safety and they can follow at there pace while insuring a better prognosis of no recurrences. While on subject of exercises maybe a segment to prevent the hernia in the first place and see if one finds improvement and eliminates surgery in the first place.
    Lastly, addressing the fee. I would defiinetly pay for this type of an app. To be able to find everything in one place would be very practical and beneficial. As a skeptical person it would have to be done in a way one wouldn’t think it’s not just someone trying to make a quick buck. Let me explain, there are some sites having you fill out a symptom tracker, then states for you to pay for the answer. I find I leave that type of site.
    Anyways, I know somewhat long but hope this helps and you understand what I’m trying to get across. Keep up the good work!