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  • marneyrose

    September 11, 2015 at 12:51 am

    Are my symptoms from a hernia?

    Dr Towfigh,

    I’ve had the good fortune to meet with Dr Goldstein who was incredibly helpful in sorting through my various issues. He examined me and found a couple of very small lumps in the abdominal groin area where I have pain. He ordered an MRI enterography which helped eliminate strictures as a contributing factor, and which showed those small lumps were probably not lymph nodes. He then performed an ultrasound while I stood and coughed and this showed the tiny lumps had some movement of (I think) fluid. Dr Goldstein strongly suspects they indicate a femoral hernia. He was quite thorough in his testing. He cannot explain the peri umbilical pain, which I followed up on by doing stool cultures. These showed some pathogens which are being treated. Unfortunately I had also developed some upper right quadrant pain as well and my doctor wants to run gallbladder tests. So at the moment I am holding off on any decision regarding surgery for a potential femoral hernia.

    Strange as it may seem, all of my myriad health problems developed after I was bitten by a tick 5 years ago that was mistakenly thought to be a spider bite but was actually Lyme and went untreated until recently. So I finally did a few months of antibiotics which helped the Lyme but then caused the GI dysbiosis and perhaps gallbladder problems. It’s going to take more time to sort through all my issues but I feel hopeful because I had pretty good health prior to the tick bite.

    Thank you for your kind interest and help. This is a wonderful forum.