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  • drtowfigh

    July 11, 2014 at 5:28 pm

    Unexplained abdominal pain

    Hernias can cause groin pain, radiating around to the back. Lying flat makes it better. So many of your symptoms may be suggestive of a hernia.

    When ordering an ultrasound, it must be a specifici hernia ultrasound. The technician or radiologist should have you stand up, bend forward and back, push your belly in and out, and basically have you do maneuvers to exacerbate a small hernia and make it more likely to visualize a hernia. If that is not diagnostic, then I recommend MRI pelvis with Valsalva. Based on our research, a CT is likely to be nondiagnostic with small hernias.

    If all are negative and you still have symptoms highly suggestive of a hernia, then you should have the ultrasound/MRI re-read. I read my own images and there are a lot of “negative” interpretations because radiologists are not in time with what constitutes a small hernia. Especially in women.

    These are my suggestions.

    Hip problems can also manifest as groin pain. Just another thing to think about.