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  • drtowfigh

    December 25, 2015 at 9:38 pm

    6 mo post op reaccurrent hernia ?

    No need to be scared.
    All hernias have a small risk of recurrence. The key is to diagnose it and determine the appropriate treatment while reducing any preoperative risk factors which make you prone to recurrence.
    The symptoms you are experiencing are suggestive of a hernia, however, examination and complete history are super important. Imaging is necessary if your examination is not diagnostic or obvious for a hernia recurrence.
    There is no need to repeat MRIs if they are of high quality. In my experience, if symptoms are suggestive of a recurrence, and examination is not diagnostic of a recurrence, I choose an MRI with valsalva (bear-down) views. In our study, that has been shown to have the greatest impact on correctly diagnosing a recurrence. Also, it is important that the radiologic study by correctly read or interpreted. Also in our experience, up to ¾ of studies are incorrectly interpreted as being normal.
    You can consider having a radiologist with experience in this field review the MRI as a second opinion. Also, I offer this service, if you choose to send me the films after signing up for an online consultation (go to
    If symptoms are not severe, time will also help in the diagnosis, that is the hernia may get larger, and the diagnosis would be more obvious.