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  • Beenthere

    April 19, 2016 at 9:46 pm

    Laparoscopic mesh removal vs open removal

    Not sure if I can be of much help on the subject.

    My ordeal started early in 2011 with a quote right inguinal hernia and surgery. Not sure if I ever had an inguinal hernia. Right after my surgery things did not seem right and had a slow recovery until 6 weeks post surgery while when driving I had what I would call a knife slicing or ripping feeling in the surgical area internally and extreme pain. The Dr. office downplayed this change in recovery as just normal but the pain was intense and did not get better and even affected my walking. For 2 years I did everything to resolve the pain and suffering. The hospital and the Dr.’s never ordered an MRI to find out what was wrong. In mid 2011 I had extreme pain on the left side and a CRT found a small inguinal hernia. Finally I had my insurance changed in 2012 for $1,500 deductible I could go any place for surgery. I met with three surgeons that were highly recommended on other hernia websites. I decided on one Dr. and we agreed to fix the left side via lap and remove the mesh on the right side via open(original was open on this side) at the same time early in 2013. The findings post surgery were surprising since he found a femoral hernia on the right side during the lap portion and fixed that and still removed the mesh via open surgery( I only wanted to under the knife once). In recovery I could tell things were better and within days I was walking without the pain I had before the surgery and could walk normally again. In fact within a week I was shooting a vintage car race at Sebring and climbing over the short chain link fences in my way(no Dr.s orders against this but I am sure not approved)

    My removal surgery went very well but since I think most if not all of my pain and feeling being very tight in the area was from the femoral hernia. That’s why I think my case is different than most suffering from PHP. But I did go through all current medical hoops for PHP to relive the pain and some that most have not, like ART(long list). If the Dr. had ordered a MRI it could have been found right away that I had a femoral hernia and fixed but they kept stating they wanted area to be completely healed before they would agree to any imaging and than they never did. I never had any visible bulge for any of the hernias I had.

    Good luck, I know this is extremely frustrating and hard to get answers and find a great Dr. to help.

    Many thanks to Dr. Towfigh for this forum.