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  • Beenthere

    April 26, 2016 at 10:32 pm


    My original diagnosis was an inguinal hernia but now I am pretty sure it was an incisional at my appendix surgery location.

    The first was open with mesh. The second was lap for fixing the new opposite side inguinal hernia(a real one) and he found a unknown femoral hernia on the side of the original hernia surgery. They than went in open to remove the mesh from the original one. My local hospital never found the femoral one or did any proper imaging. Two years of pain and suffering.

    Not sure if I should say but one in Florida.

    Be careful, my local hernia center states they do sports hernia repair but when a top student athlete needed a sports hernia fixed they sent him to Germany.

    Again I am not a Dr. but I think sports hernia have more to do with tears in the muscle or tissue in the groin area from movement- repetitive, sudden change in direction or stopping but let the experts chime in on this. I do know from research from trying to find a Dr that I think Dr. Billings was a noted hernia expert in the Northwest but he might not be doing hernia surgeries anymore. Dr Meyer in the Philly area is again I think known for his expertise in sports hernia surgery and I think he does a lot of pro athletes.

    Good luck. Let me know if you have any other questions. Skill, knowledge, training, volume and known outcomes is very important. Again in most cases it is necessary but elective surgery. For some reason a lot of people blow this off as just a hernia and is the most basic surgery but from my research it is an area that is a very tight space with a lot going on.