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  • Beenthere

    January 23, 2017 at 4:40 pm

    top hernia doctors in georgia or tn


    It is very hard when you are in pain and suffering, on medications that do very little and find answers very hard to get and conflicting.

    Read my post on overlapping surgery. The surgeon that caused my pain and suffering is at VCU and you could get this surgeon without your knowledge. I would never go to a hospital that had my original surgeon on staff.

    If you do go to this expert at VCU again ask him

    How many total hernia surgeries they have done? Since this is a teaching hospital I would cut that number in half since residents will perform a large number of this surgeons procedures at a teaching facility.

    How many done by robot?

    How many total surgeries by robot?

    How many corrective hernia surgeries total?

    How many by robot.

    Success rate for each of the above.

    Again get the book Unaccountable and read it. This will give you inside knowledge and a road map.

    A robot is only as good as the surgeon operating it. Remember it could be a resident who has never used a robot before or done a mesh removal or both before. Many of us have seen and have had surgery by Goodyear, Ramshaw, Chen and Towfigh but I have never heard of anyone mentioning someone at VCU before. The hospital that did mine has 11 surgeons as AHS members but do less that 750 hernia surgeries a year plus they could not even perform a hernia surgery on a well known person and was referred to a real hernia specialist.

    Maybe I am lucky but I have been pain free now for four years since my corrective surgery.