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  • rosesnrubies

    August 9, 2016 at 9:47 pm

    Looking for a Hernia Specialist near North Alabama

    It’s all been a very interesting experience – especially watching the skepticism on the faces of the physical therapists when I explain what I’ve been through (with regards to basically self-diagnosing, then finding Dr. Ramshaw who confirmed). They are all speaking to me like “well, IF it’s a hernia then… but this will help regardless,” which feels really condescending. I’m trying to overlook it, as I am positive their intentions are good (and with the exception of one lady today, nothing they’ve done has caused more pain), but it’s annoying.

    The mental health stuff I didn’t really sweat – I’d be seeing my doc and counselor regardless, so having them each sign off on me if it makes Dr. Ramshaw’s office feel better is ok by me haha. I know that they’ve explained anxiety is normal – but for those who already have an anxiety disorder, they want to be sure it’s addressed as best as possible before doing the surgery if that’s an option. I’m just ultimately thankful I didn’t have a need for emergency hernia surgery, as I’ve read those outcomes aren’t always stellar.

    On eating – I keep getting recommended to this book “Trim Healthy Mama” which seems like the worst of pseudoscience… It claims “bibilically sound” diet recommendations (argh, the bible recommended a lot of things I’d not recommend today, not to mention I am nonreligious), and seems to have no basis in actual nutrition science. My ‘diet’ has always aimed to be Pollan’s “Eat Food, Not too Much, Mostly Plants”. I fail at it a lot though.