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  • Beenthere

    October 2, 2016 at 10:10 pm

    AHSQC: Am Hernia Society Quality Collaborative

    This is what is scary about having no requirements to become a member except being a licensed Dr. and paying a due.

    Again I ask that you read the book Unaccountable by Dr. Marty Makary.

    When a patient comes to a Dr. who is a very unique position and the patient puts there life on the line with this person they meet for a short period of time. Trust is the only thing the patient has. If the Dr. and his staff are not truthful it leads to multiple problems.

    If I come to you and we agree on a treatment plan and discuss if a resident going to be present and you state they are only going to act as a assistant but I later find out they performed the entire surgery, fraud was used to obtain my consent. Since most hernia surgeries are elective but highly recommended I could hold off on doing this surgery.

    Again being a lay person I do not understand all the items that go in medical training but if I am going in for surgery I do not want someone that I have any knowledge of doing any part of the surgical procedure that I am having. This could be their first surgery ever for a resident and one mistake with a medical instrument could be life changing. Even with the best Dr. observing.

    According to one surgeon I spoke with after my surgery ghost surgery was not uncommon at the hospital that did my original surgery and backed up by a couple of other licensed medical professionals, GHOST SURGERY does occur in the US for surgeries for both partial and entire procedures . Plus they are billed only as attending participated in the actual surgery.