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  • mamadunlop

    October 24, 2016 at 10:11 pm

    advice on abdominal wall reconstruction

    Thank you Mom of 4 for sharing! I have too much scar tissue and this is too big of a surgery to be done laproscopically. So he is going all in, and my incision will be vertical, several inches long…. because of the way my muscles have separated. He is placing biological mesh over my entire belly area, and is actually going in and placing it BEHIND my muscles, instead of the usual over the top of the hernia…so it will be a bit more invasive. He is looking to strengthen the entire area since I seem so prone to hernias. I am not looking forward to the recovery. 🙁 I have never had drains, assuming that it is more common with abdominal reconstruction more so than an open hernia repair or mesh removal.

    Now I am just biding my time, waiting very IMPATIENTLY to get on with it 🙂 December is not going to come soon enough. 🙂

    You said you are a year out, how would you describe your pain now and how does it limit you in terms of e exercise, doing things with the kids/ family etc. Wondering if I will ever get out hiking with my family, or clean my house again. (not that I mind that I cant clean…LOL)