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  • marcello71

    January 8, 2017 at 8:31 pm

    ‘The Dissolvables’

    I am nearly certain I’ll have enough peritoneum leftover to close that space without needing more mesh(if the right surgeon does it). I have plenty healthy peritoneum to spare & my body has collagen production on demand capabilities.

    However if I do herniate after the mesh is removed, then I’ll just get a shouldice repair at that point, if it comes to that. But that shouldn’t be an issue because:
    A) I don’t smoke & I eat healthy.
    2) I know to abstain from physical activity(especially coitus unfortunately).
    C) I know I won’t be able to lift anything heavy for over a year(or ever again maybe) &
    4) I will be fully dedicated to a perfect recovery after removal…

    This is all beside the point since I won’t ever allow another piece of permanent mesh in my body again after how my body has reacted to it, no matter who does the removal.

    Thank you again Dr Towfigh for your advice & support.