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  • Beenthere

    November 7, 2016 at 5:32 pm

    Help With Hernia Pain

    Sorry to hear of your problems. Yours seems much worse than what I went through but the story is very similar. WasInTn and Dr Towfigh gave you the Dr.s you need to see. There are a lot of quote experts but only a handful that are truly experts. Do everything you can with your insurance company, it took me two years and seeing about 8 of their experts, only to find out after asking the these experts very specific questions they did not have the knowledge, experience or ability to perform this very hard surgery without the risks you describe. Also ask the Dr.s staff the same questions dig deep and hard and you will start to see the truth. Like Dr Goodyear I think has done over 15K hernia surgery with also a large volume for corrective surgeries compared to your local guy that might do a few hernia surgeries a year and no corrective surgeries.

    Wish you the best.