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  • Chaunce123

    November 15, 2016 at 2:21 am

    Mesh-Free Tissue Tissue Repair Techniques

    dropbear, this is from a fellow patient and I am not a doctor: Shouldice in Toronto is a good option if you can travel to Canada and afford the associated out of pocket costs. They have fairly strict requirements, do require a multiple-day hospital stay, encourage patients to immediately move around, and don’t generally do full anesthesia, all of that is part of their routine protocol. Cost estimates from I have heard without insurance are around $7000 USD total. Some things to keep in mind about Shouldice and a Shouldice repair: you must not be overweight, and you must have a reasonably obvious palpable hernia. If you are overweight they will prescribe weight loss and will not do surgery until you meet a normal BMI requirement, and if your hernia is not found on exam they will not do surgery.

    A Shouldice option in the USA is Dr David Johnson in Palm Springs CA, he worked at Shouldice for several years and still performs the same Shouldice repair by request, as well as the other standard mesh repairs. Dr Towfigh also performs a Shouldice repair as mentioned here. I believe Dr Yunis in Sarasota Florida also performs a Shouldice repair too, surely there are others out there as well but it’s generally harder to find in the USA.

    I believe Dr Petersen uses a modified Bassini or McVay repair, but that is based upon web research and not a direct conversation.

    A non-mesh option in the bay area is Dr William Brown, he focuses on sports hernias but also will do a regular inguinal hernia as well. Dr Gutman in Los Gatos is highly experienced but I believe is primarily Laparoscopic, I’m not sure if non mesh is an option there.

    Your best bet is to inquire directly with the surgeons or surgery centers you are interested in and ask questions. Good luck and keep us posted on your decisions and progress.