News Feed Discussions Ultrasound says hernia, surgeon says no US says hernia, surgeon says no

  • SamIAm71786

    December 16, 2016 at 7:24 pm

    US says hernia, surgeon says no

    Thank you so much for your responses, Dr. Towfigh. Makes me feel a lot better.

    1. No previous abdominal surgeries. Definitely have been told multiple that hernias do not present in that location, and was surprised when the US report said I had one!
    2. I have my CT scan scheduled for Tuesday morning and am very curious to see if it agrees with US diagnosis…feeling anxious and want to know what this painful lump is and if I can get rid of it/feel better!

    With respect to the diastasis recti, the lump is always present, even when lying down, and can’t be pushed in, so not sure…

    Thanks for your perspective. The surgeon could definitely feel the lump and asked me some questions about. He did suggest lipoma, but then I told him it was quite painful and he said that was unusual for a lipoma. I guess when I heard the US diagnosis, I thought, “Okay, I have a hernia then, that’s that” and didn’t realize the surgeon may need additional info. But I certainly agree that I want him to have as much of a roadmap as possible, especially if this might require surgery.

    Thanks again!