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  • ?STRANGE Doctor Tale that could SAVE your LIFE

    Posted by pinto on July 2, 2023 at 10:18 pm

    Strange Doc: “I can repair an inguinal hernia by using local anesthesia & sedation via Ponka’s technique, and do a tension free Lichtenstein repair without leaving mesh INSIDE the abdomen where it can cause problems, even in a very sick patient.”*

    Wow, doesn’t that sound good! So I google the doc’s name and lo-n-behold, I find out he has a strange record:
    ? “he removed an allegedly healthy kidney during what was supposed to be colon surgery.”
    ? “More surgeries on the woman followed, including one in which he allegedly left her intestine unconnected.”
    Consequently, he gave up his license in Louisiana, California, and New York but moved to another state where continues to practice as of this writing.

    This all according to “Doctors who surrender a medical license in one state can practice in another — and you might never know.”

    *Hernia quote (7-3-23) from the same doc taken from a separate website but googling should bring it up if you so wish.

    Life Saver
    Knowing the tale of course raises awareness, which in turn acts as a safeguard. But also check out this medical database: You can search for doctor records for great benefit.

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