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      [Please excuse the double posting but the lack of website support makes it necessary. And sorry to those members whose postings were lost as part of the original thread.]

      On March 9, I had my second surgery with Dr. Kang to correct a rascal of a hernia, the sliding type, an indirect one on my left side. I chose Dr. Kang for these principal reasons:

      ◼︎ Tissue repair (non-mesh)
      ◼︎ Small incision
      ◼︎ Highly skilled specialist
      ◼︎ Painless or nearly so
      ◼︎ Takes all comers
      ◼︎ A converted mesh doc
      ◼︎ Eclectic medical approach

      Interestingly, before my second surgery I found a discovery: A surgeon looking at my CT scan (obtained for another reason), identified my original hernia as “sliding.” I never knew such could be ascertained. If surgeons can do this, I recommend that patients before having surgery check if theirs’s is sliding, one a bit more difficult than the typical hernia.

      I strongly recommend Dr. Kang without reservation. You will find that he is motivated by only on thing: being the best surgeon he can be. His career began as a mesh doctor but eventually found serious problems with mesh; so he switched to tissue repair. He strongly believes that even after mesh removal, tissue repair can successfully restore the patient’s health. In short, his hospital is “full service,” dedicated to meeting the patient’s needs for whomever. Finally his hospital (shiny new) warmly invites foreign patients, offering expert testing and the highest quality of care.

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