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      I am a male 59 yr old,165 lbs. On third recurrent hernia. Recouping 2 1/2 weeks now from laparoscopy which I thought went well.
      Anyway I have had issues with my legs and waking to spasms which turn into full on stretching from my hips down.
      OK I have been stretching when I wake for years but since the operation my hip on the hernia side has significant pain. It does subside after a time . Is there a possibility I have ruined the work done by my doctor again?
      Granted the pain is at my hip/side. Trying to avoid stretching.but have a hint of hip/side pain.(also noticed this pain after surgery in the hospital recovering.
      A little more history,
      Casual Cycling
      40yrs in the labor field.
      3 hernias have occured while running a manually operated ‘Kick Press’
      Here is one similar
      while seated, using this type machine my feet and legs develop up to 10 tons of force to punch a hole into copper and steel.
      This job is done maybe all day, once a week. When I go back to work I am going to see if the job can be done by someone else.
      Any feedback is welcome Thanks Dan

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      Was the hernia repaired with mesh? I have recurrence I believe and all my symptoms came back plus new ones such as hip/waist pain but more of a dull slight numbish “feel” plus a tugging around the left side of the penis.

      Did you go back to work since your repair or have you been just resting at home? If you’ve been back at work since repair I could see maybe a recurrence but then maybe just over exertion as well. If you’ve been just at home I would think the mesh(?) causing it. That is also another issue I have now too.

      My toes on my right foot are numbish and I get spasms down my leg and they are really weird.

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      I have been off for 2 1/2 weeks and plan to go to work in a week and a half.
      Did get mesh but this time from the inside.

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      AT 59 I don’t know my own body. I believe now my spasms are starting in my belly at that point muscles tighten an cause me concern about the fix in my groin.
      Hope this isn’t the cause of my recurrence.
      Anyway I rode the stationary bike for a half hour yesterday. No issues,and no hills as spelled out by the doctor.

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