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      Eva Tulip


      Around 7 months ago my husband had 3 hernia repair surgery (1 big after ileostomy reversal and 2 small ones). He was tied with a big piece of pig skin mesh that holds up the area. The initial recovery was very hard, but slowly it looked its getting better. Now 7 months later I am very worried. He doesn’t seem to progress anymore. Morning and day he looks more or less ok, uncomfortable in certain positions but managing. But nights are hell – he days after 18.30 he starta to feel very tired, the entire abdominal area feels very stiff, much more than during the day, i can see he is uncomfortable even sitting or standing up from the sofa to move around. He says it doesn’t feel necessarily worse than months ago, rather the same but I can see the night thing is talking a toll on him. We have a small toddler, I am desperate what life does that mean for him and us. He has appointment with his surgeon in 3 weeks. One option is his big hernia might be back. Other is related to the surgery itself – that its has been successful but scar tissue or the way it healed is not perfect. I guess my question is..is there any hope that despite this slow and hard recovery in the long run this feels better for him? Is there any medication available? Injections? If anyone had experienced anything similar, please advice. Because at this point we have no idea what options do we even have.

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      This far out, I would look into recurrence as a possibility. Why was pig (biologic) mesh used? The recurrence rate with biologic mesh is higher than all other mesh types. Alternatively, some pig biologic mesh do stiffen up and get encapsulated.

      The next step is usually a CT scan to evaluate the repair.

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      Eva Tulip

      Thank you..
      Honestly I am not sure why pig skin was used, i know it was a big piece and i assume there was a good reason behind it (maybe other materials not recommended for his case?)
      He has appointment with them next week, if CT shows anything I hope it can be done with laparoscopic, more open surgeries with all he has had would be so hard on the body..

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