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      steve woodbridge

      Hi all, I had my inguinal hernia fixed 8 weeks ago today, open surgery, and using a 2 inch by 1.5 inch light weight open weave Bard mesh. I’m ok most of the time , but occasionally I get a very slight burning under the wound which lasts for a day or so then seems to go for 5 or 6 days. I know it’s quite recent I had the op, done at Nuffield in Plymouth Devon Uk, but I’d just like some reassurance that this is fairly normal for me as it’s not that long since the op.
      Thanks in advance
      Steve WS

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      steve woodbridge


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      Dear Steve
      Be patient. Vague pains, tightness, buring, stiffness will be common for the first 8 weeks.
      If you have trouble beyond that time, consult with your surgeon.
      Bill Brown MD

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      steve woodbridge

      Thanks for this, it’s 9 weeks now and I’ve been ok since last Monday. Only very occasionally slight burning which lasts a few minutes. I think I was panicking a bit. As you say, it’s early days yet.
      Fingers crossed !!!

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      You should be fine. It’s normal to have intermittent twinges or pangs that don’t disrupt your day.

      That is a really small sliver of mesh, though.

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