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      I had inguinal hernia surgery 2 weeks ago and was invited back to the hospital for an appointment.

      I was unable to attend and have very swiftly been given another appointment in 4 weeks time.

      Is this too long to wait to be seen again after surgery(6 weeks) or should I just carry on being cautious in my movements until the upcoming appointment?

      Re my ongoing condition ,the swelling has completely disappeared and scar tissue seems to be forming along the length of the incision.

      No real pain or even discomfort now and my major worry is whether I might mistake this comfortable condition for license to do more than I should? (climbing up ladders,carrying a half full wheelbarrow in the garden kneeling down repeatedly for purposes of weeding and digging small holes for individual plants,cautiously carrying light timber lengths on my shoulder etc etc)

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      Sounds like you are healing normally.

      If you had a ‘typical’ inguinal hernia and uneventful surgery, then it should be virtually impossible to damage the repair via normal daily activities like walking, household chores, etc.

      If you are two weeks out without any problems, then you would likely not have any restriction on activity at this point and pain tolerance will be your natural limitation…unless you are doing something unusual like very heavy lifting, more extreme sports, etc., which might warrant waiting a bit longer and perhaps checking in with your surgeon.

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      Thanks @MarkT .That is quite reassuring.

      I wonder whether you know the reason that my surgeon ,in the hour or so prior to my surgery reduced my inguinal hernia?

      I had an ongoing defect that had been reducible for 2 or 3 years but a second defect ,closer to the scrotum had appeared in the previous 3 or 4 days and was more painful as well as being irreducible.

      Anyways my surgeon managed to reduce it and this was quite an excruciating experience.

      I never found out exactly why he did this although I expect it may have been to explore prior to surgery how badly it was strangulated(indeed if it was as I still don’t know its precise condition except for the fact that he did manage to pop it back in)

      They told me the following day that the surgery had gone well and that he hoped that the scar tissue would not catch a nerve.

      I am not sure how long that danger persists.

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