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      I found this site through a big internet search. I am looking for help in dealing with my complicated case and you need help ASAP.
      I am living in Indianapolis and have recently been told I need abdominal wall reconstruction.

      Here is the long story:

      • 4 years ago I had a large mesh implanted to cover an umbilical and lower abdominal incisional hernias from an old myomectomy to remove fibroids.
      • I had a hysterectomy in August of 2016. My surgeon had to cut through my mesh to take out my uterus. They then sewed my mesh back together. The day after my surgery I had a coughing session and felt something burst open, I thought it was something inside, but my doctors thought I might have been imagining something. 2 weeks later, on September 12th, I went to get my 30 staples taken out post-hysterectomy and I had wound dehiscence. My intestines were coming through my wound, the mesh had broke open and I rushed into emergency surgery immediately.
      • My surgeon used retention sutures and I woke up to a giant open wound. It had to heal from the inside out, I was told…. So I had a wound vac and many weeks of an open abdominal wound. The wound continued to heal except for a small opening at the top and fluid would continually come out of it, I knew something was wrong. We did a CT scan in December to find out that my Gore-tex mesh had become infected. This mesh has been holding me together for 4 years. Around Christmas time I went in for another surgery and by the grace of God my surgeon was able to do this surgery laparoscopically. He completely removed the Goretex mesh.
      • Since Christmas I have been living cautiously without any mesh. A couple of weeks ago I caught a bad case of the stomach flu. I vomited for 2 days straight, first time vomiting in almost 10 years!! It was not fun and not good for my abdomen. I knew something had happened and made an appointment with my surgeon, we schedule a CT scan. The CT Scan shows rectus diastases and herniation of the small bowel loops into the subcutaneous tissues. No abnormal distended bowel loops to suggest obstruction. No significant inflammation at this time. —I’ve been told by my surgeon that I need to have a complete abdominal wall reconstruction. I would love any advice or information anyone can offer me on this surgery, recovery, can we do it laparoscopically or does it have to be open, quality of life after surgery, etc… Do they have to put new mesh in? —- Does anyone have any great surgeons in Indianapolis area? I’m currently in the IU health system.
      • I look forward to hearing from someone… Thank you!
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      So sorry to hear about this. Dr. Paul Szotek is an excellent resource for you in Indiana. It seems you need an abdominal wall reconstruction.

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