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      Hello, and thank you doctors for all that you do regarding hernias and improvement in medical practice.

      I’ve had an umbilical hernia for a little over two years and have put off surgery due to my weight and that it didn’t cause any pain or discomfort.

      Long story short, over the past week I’ve had bouts of extreme abdominal pain. I chalked it up to gas pains from the low calorie/high fiber diet I’ve been on for weight loss. I’ve gotten on all fours and and rocked back and forth, moving my abdomen in and out, in an effort to release gas; instant relief. This last bout of pain I thought to check my hernia and uh oh, “out,” rock hard, and immovable. Panic sets in.

      So now I’m getting ready to head to the hospital, then realize this is probably what has happened the last two bouts of abdominal pain, so I I get on the floor and bam, instant relief. I stand up and give it a feel; the hernia is back in.

      Does this make sense? Can a hernia be acutely incarcerated and be manipulated back in by the position moves I’m doing? I know this is serious and am making a call for an appointment on Monday. I’m just looking for confirmation that this is likely an incarceration issue so that I can stress an immediate appointment and potential expedited surgery date.


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      You are correct. It is possible to reduce an incarcerated hernia.
      Since your hernia is giving you trouble, I would advise you to see your surgeon and had the hernia repaired in the near future.
      Bill Brown MD

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