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      Adam Russell

      Hey team,

      I have signs/symptoms that don’t fit usual mould for inguinal hernia, although I suspect this. I first noticed pain in the inguinal region with sex (I am male) which builds up as I come closer to orgasm and is worst at orgasm. It is more of a pressure pain (not sharp or stabbing) and I first thought I may have inflamed inguinal lymph nodes and that the increased blood pressure with erection has been causing the issue. The thing is I don’t get pain with any other activity/movement. I am currently travelling, and snow skiing for feb-march and it would not hurt even with skiing. I do have some dull diffuse pain in the area and my lower abdominal area is sore on palpation (and definitely any that point you decsribed 60:40 ASIS->PS) but no bulge is palpable (I am tall and skinny). I have a history of gut issues and wondered if perhaps my change of diet (lots of gluten and cheese) while travelling in Europe may have inflamed the lymph and it is not a hernia.

      Could it be possible to have hernia when the pain is only really during sex (other than general tenderness)

      I have been unable to find any clear answers presently and the COVID-19 situation has made it more difficult.

      I appreciate any feedback with this, thank you for all your good work.



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      Dear Adam.
      When the virus problem settles down, see your doctor. Usually, a careful physical examination can determine whether or not you have a hernia.
      A standing ultrasound with valsalva is the best imaging test.
      Bill Brown MD

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