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      S Dagistanli

      I had laparoscopically mesh removal at 09.12.2020. At the right side the surgeon removed all of the mesh. And the left side of the mesh couldn’t be removed. Left 3,5 / 2,50 mesh. But I feel much more than that.

      There is a feeling of uneasiness on the right side. But I think it’s acceptable. I am ok with the result on the right side.

      · My left side complaints did not go away. On the left I feel the top of the mesh as it is, as like a rock, absolutely more than 3,5 cm. Still getting numbness on the outside of my leg when I lay back. Still foreign material feeling.

      · Additionally, after removal surgery I get numbness inside of my leg and down the side of my groin.

      · Left side, down side, when I am upright, I feel a tissue that goes inside when I push. Feeling like a liquid going inside. Disappear when I am laying.

      · I feel mid disturbing constant pain when I am sitting at the office where that tissue goes in and out and on the place when I feel the mesh. Mostly the end of day is more painful.

      I think my situation has become quite complicated. I am very disappointed and sad.

      1. The doctor who did the removal, wrote me that it could be a small hernia at the left side, if this is visible in ultrasound it should be fixed by a Shouldice repair. During this operation another attempt to remove the residual can be made.

      In case there is no hernia on the left the symptoms may arise from a seroma which also can be verified by ultrasound and treated by puncture.

      2. I consulted a doctor in Turkey who I trusted. He advised me to see an algologist, that he did not think my problem was a hernia or seroma. But frankly I have fullness and uneasiness on my left side.

      Is it an acceptable method, mesh removal while Shouldice repair?
      My first operation was TAPP. Actually i am feeling mesh in the upper part of my groin.

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      – it’s very possible you have mesh remaining. I commonly see situations where patients were told their mesh was removed and yet there is mesh still left behind
      – many of your symptoms are neuropathic (from the nerves). That includes the liquid feeling. Nerve blocks may help address those.

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      S Dagistanli

      Thank you for your kind reply,
      the doctor who made removal told me that, that remaining mesh was close contacts with epigastric vessels and femoral vein.
      i could understand that some of my problems caused by nerves because of numbness, but that tissue when i strain goin out, thats made my mind confused.

      Actually i want that remaining mesh is out. What would you suggest me? is it acceptable way to remove remaining mesh from open way? i do not want to live with it.


      S. D.

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      Laparoscopically placed mesh is best removed via lap/robotic method. I strongly advise against considering an open option.

      The mesh is always stuck to the epigastric vessels and also in some way stuck to or close to the external iliac vein. Dealing with that is part of the skill of removal.

      I recommend seeking consultation with surgeons like us who routinely remove these mesh, understanding the risks of the procedure.

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      S Dagistanli

      Thank you very much for your kind reply.

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