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      Can someone help me understand what this means? I know there’s a seroma and it’s now calcified. But I’m not understanding the significance of no air now. Can someone explain about the air part?

      This is the site of the prior collection and air. There
      is no air seen within it at this time it measures approximately 6.4 x 2.7
      by an overall cephalocaudad dimension of approximately 6.6 cm. This could
      represent a postoperative seroma. Suggest clinical correlation is an
      inflammatory collection is difficult to exclude. There does appear to be
      some calcification along the margin of this. There is some thickening of
      the adjacent subcutaneous fat and anterior abdominal wall most likely
      postsurgical in nature though could represent some mild inflammation or

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      What is the context of this? And where is it? From a laparoscopic procedure or?

      It reads like a post-surgical CT report, but without more details (original procedure(s), complaint / issue, general health, age/sex/weight, etc) it may be hard to get much insight aside from anyone reading it quite literally.

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